Road trips with your family can be fun and exciting. It's a chance to create tons of memories and is an opportunity to bond as a family. Road trips can also be long and frustrating depending on the ages of kiddies who are riding along.


This day and age, we are at an advantage with technology because there are iPads and other relevant devices to keep kids occupied for long periods of time. Unfortunately, too much screen time is just not good for anyone. There has to be a good balance, or you can even enforce a technology-free zone for a certain amount of time during your road trip. Sure, you may hear moans and groans, but it's good to expand the brain in other directions.


Here are a few technology-free ideas you can try on your road trips. Keep in mind the ages of your kids and what is appropriate for them.


Story Telling: This may be a classic but it's a good one. Tell stories or makeup stories. This can be fun and you can encourage each child to add on to each other's stories to make it interesting, fun, and even funny! This is where parents may briefly want to take out their phones to record the stories as you may never hear them again. A nice family treasure right in the car.


Books: Bring along those library books! Yes, reading can be a great way to pass time on a road trip. From chapter books to picture books, there is always something for everyone. If your child gets motion sickness reading in the car try Dramamine. If that doesn't work consider audiobooks as well.


Music: Have a vocal jam session. Sing! Bring along your favorite tunes for everyone to enjoy and to sing-a-long to. This is one of my favorites for road trips. It's a chance to take in the sights and it lifts the moods.


Art: Bring along mini chalkboards and coloring books and crayons. This is another classic activity but its fun and can encourage creativity.


Car games: Count cars! Count how many different colors or types of cars you see on the roadways. Kids love this and you can even keep count on a piece of paper to see who finds the most.


Rest Stop Breaks: Finally, make rest stops to stretch legs, use the facilities and rehydrate!