Remaining in the "communications loop" remains vitally important to drivers. Modern vehicles allow for smartphone integration, and Android Auto represents one way to do so. Drivers can connect their Android phones to their vehicle's display. Once they do, all the available apps appear on a touchscreen display. If you have a "hands-free" program, then you don't need to touch the screen. Everything becomes voice-operated, which is a plus.

One great benefit of using Android Auto is the access to a navigational app. Following directions to a destination in Dundee, MI becomes easier when a GPS guides things. You can also get additional help from Google Assistant, a feature on Android Auto. Ask Google Assistant to engage a program, and it will follow the command.

People do like to relax when they drive, and Android Auto helps make this possible. Use the system to play music or run other entertainment-based programs.

Want to see how a new vehicle operates with Android Auto? A trip to Williams Brothers Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram opens the door to a test drive.

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